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Level 7

Multiple Channels under One applications


I have successfully add and test private channels on my Roku box. I see I am only able to add channels and these channels appear separately in channel store.
Can someone guide me for:
1. How I start developing my application so that all channels list inside my application and I can switch among channels to play?
2. How I pass user's credentials to my website to authenticate him?

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Level 10

Re: Multiple Channels under One applications


If you mean you want to configure the programs/feeds that show up within your Roku Channel, best bet is probably to do that via your website. Creating a separate Channel Store is prohibited in the developer agreement.

For authentication, we recommend a linking code to associate the Roku player to an account on your website. See the Device Registration and Linking document in the SDK download.
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Level 7

Re: Multiple Channels under One applications

Hi Roku Patrick

Thanks for your reply. I did not mean to create separate channel store but I mean is that we have our own set top box where user can watch our channel live and VODs, we have planned to provide these channels streams and VODs on Roku as well, (channels are stream and encode at our media server) therefore to fulfill that requirement we need to develop an application for Roku which list all these channels in our application and these channels URL are get from xml feed via web service from our website.

For this we follow VideoPlayer example provides in examples downloaded from Roku website. If we follow videoplayer exactly, is that mean we are creating separate channel store or it is not? We need your clarification if we are violating the terms and conditions of Roku by this way implementation of our application like videoplayer example.

Thanks Again
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Level 8

Re: Multiple Channels under One applications

If you mean to provide multiple channels (say for access to different genres of content) under a single channel application that is completely doable.

The Sample VideoPlayer in the SDK does essentially that with the different TED talk subject matters. With very little extra programming you can, package an audio player and photo viewer alongside a video player and access them through the home page of the main channel. The main thing is structuring the xml pages correctly in the sub-headings. Just add additional levels to the tree structure and you are done.

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Level 9

Re: Multiple Channels under One applications


"Following the videplayer exactly", is encouraged and is not considered creating a separate channel store. Channels with a lot of content should be breaking it down into separate categories to make it easier for the user to navigate.

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