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Multilevel categories

Hello everybody:

Can anybody tell me how can we modify code and xml of video player example in order to add multilevel categories?

For example here is the xml sample that is taken from video player example:

<category title="Technology" description="TED Talks on Technology" sd_img="" hd_ img="">
<categoryLeaf title="The Mind" description="" feed=""/>
<categoryLeaf title="Global Issues" description="" feed="" />

I want actully to add another category under "Technology" and then want to add "categoryleaf" under that new category. So tell me guys how can i do that?
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Level 9

Re: Multilevel categories

You could create another xml feed for the next level category, and then create a new function like InitCategoryFeedConnection()... maybe call it Init2ndLevelCategoryFeedConnection() and then follow the code through and link it all up just like the home screen was.

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