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Mpeg-Dash Live Stream without audio

Hi There. 
I have been working on a live streaming app. I am on a urn:mpeg:dash:profile:isoff-live:2011 profile . When roku gets the mpd from my server it does not request the init.mp4. 
After a few trial and errors I came to a conclusion that the reason was because I did not have <AdaptationSet> for audio. 

Now how can I play video without audio. Which profile should I use.  Say I am streaming a camera, or some other source which does not have audio. 

Do I have to have audio in order for live profile to work.  Is there A hack around it if it is the case. 
I tried to send Http response for the audio request with 200 with content length : 0 and I tried to return 400 but the process stops. 
How do I make it so that Roku does not ask for audio. Can I set video player to mute on brightscript side of things so that maybe it does not ask for audio chunk. I think at least it would still as for init chunk for audio. 

I have tried vlc, and few other players they all work with the mpd 

I modified the mpd from :

which I found on this forum.
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