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Motion Remote with "New Stick" Roku?

What's the situation with the "new HDMI stick" #3600 and the game remote support for it?
The remotes in question are the WiFiD game-enhanced ones, e.g. RC03 (game remote w/instant replay), RC35 (game remote w/voice search).

The "Roku Models and Features" table in TFM says "not shipped, but supported" for "Wi-Fi Direct Game Remote" with "3600X".

Sounds great, but when on a #3600 player i go to Channel Store, it hides the games that have "Roku Game Remote" flag (ditto for games added from web store, download skips the stick). I am guessing the motion sensor support was not compiled in the stick firmware "because it does not ship with motion remote". But given that #3600 is 4-core-rugated, i figure it should be well able to handle the remote - also people buying game remote as add-on option should be a revenue source for RokuCo. Cue Amazon FireTV Stick coming with a basic remote - but working just as well with the optional gamepad or voice remote, should you choose to add them.
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