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Microphone usage on remote control

We utilize the roMicrophone component, and we have observed some limitations that are impacting the user experience on the Roku Devices.

The specific issues we are facing:

- Mandatory "OK" Button Interaction: Users are required to press and hold the "OK" button each time the microphone is accessed. This requirement disrupts the gameplay experience and is a concern for user engagement. We are good with showing the message about the microphone usage.
- Microphone Usage Time Limit: The microphone input stops after about two minutes, which is problematic for our application that relies on extended periods of audio interaction (4-5 min).
We are seeking guidance on potential solutions or workarounds to these issues. Our primary questions are:
Are there settings within the Roku SDK to bypass or automate the holding "OK" button?
Is it possible to extend or remove the time limit on microphone usage to ensure continuous audio input?


Thank you! Any help is appreciated!  

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