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Making Requested Changes After Submission

Hey guys,

Submitted my channel and have a few changes to make, I assume that after making the changes that I just repackage and give it a new version number? Also, if only changes needed are on the xml files which I serve, then I would assume that a new package isn't needed?

Do all images in channel need to have levels set between 16 and 235 or just the poster images?

One other quick thing, according to Roku my splash images were all white with no logo or channel name, I know that the splash images have the name and logo, I did set the splash color to white, would that be the issue? Below is my manifest.
The splash color is for background, correct?

I know for sure that the png images contain the logo and channel name.

Here's the message from Roku
"The splash screens should have the channel name/logo rather than just a
plain white image."

Thanks for the help!

title=YogaMerge On Demand
subtitle=Yoga Classes On Demand

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Re: Making Requested Changes After Submission

"yogamerge" wrote:
Do all images in channel need to have levels set between 16 and 235 or just the poster images?

I don't know if RokuCo enforces that but because Roku connects to a TV and not a computer monitor, seems the right thing to do is using RGB levels only between 16 and 235, see viewtopic.php?f=34&t=68536 for discussion.
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Making Requested Changes After Submission

We generally enforce it for the Channel Store and (on older devices) the home screen. You should increment the build_version number before you package each time. The version number on the website upload dialog is not important. If we are not seeing your images and are just seeing a white background, something is most likely wrong with your images and you should consider reprocessing them in photoshop or another image editor.

Also, best to use .jpg images as they can usually be compressed smaller than .png and take up less space.

- Joel
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