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Maintain a Video State in Custom SGDex Component

I created two custom SGDex components. Both components playing a video. First, I open the first component. It's successfully playing. Now, I open the Second Component. Here, I tried to play a video. But It's giving an error and error code 0. In First Component I set video state = "stop" when I change the View. But no luck. In First Time App Launching, I will select Whatever a component. it's working fine(video play properly). But, When I'm going from one component to another component. It's throwing error and error code 0. I think I'm doing the wrong. But, I have no idea where I'm doing it wrong. Any Solution for this?

Here, Documentation said 0 code for Network error: server down or unresponsive, server is unreachable, network setup problem on the client. I checked my internet speed is 100 Mbps. I don't think this issue with the network connection. Does anyone face this type of issue or know any solution for this.

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