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Binge Watcher

MPEG-TS and roVideoPlayer seeking

Is it possible to create a seekable mpeg ts screen?   I have created a 2D graphics program to access the NextPVR server and I can play Live TV and recordings but I cannot seek with any examples I find and I don't see range requests going to the server.  I have tried with and without the PlayStart in the content.

content = [{
streamFormat: "ts"
stream: { url: m.base + activity["url"] }


Thanks in advance

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Roku Guru

Re: MPEG-TS and roVideoPlayer seeking

You need to create an m3u8 manifest which has the TS included in it. Then play the m3u8 and it will allow you to seek.

You cannot seek a direct played TS file the Roku will not allow it.

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Binge Watcher

Re: MPEG-TS and roVideoPlayer seeking

Thanks you @speechles  I thought that might be the case.

Fortunately I have found a partial workaround for this issue by adding a standard range: bytes= header with the .Seek().  The only thing that is now not clear is if I can avoid reopening the content and using Pause() , Seek() and Resume() to forward a new header range header.  It is doing some seeking just not what I expect.  I am still hoping that this will be possible.

I believe I may have seen you on the Emby forum and thanks again for your help.  Direct play for Emby would be useful too.


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