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M3U8 stream not playing on Roku - help needed

Hello guys,

Once again I am facing a problem. I am currently trying to add more internet streams to my channel but some of them are not working on the roku and I cannot figure out why.

This stream for example is working very fine on SimpleTV on the PC, but the Roku just won't play it:

I am using the VideoPlayer-Template from the RokuSDK and XML-Files for the streams.

Here is the code that I have come up with:

<item sdImg="" hdImg="">

Now how can I improve this code and make it actually work? 😄

Thanks very much in advance!

Ah one more thing:
Is it possible to stream links of this kind: ??
I don't know right now if that stream in particular is working or not. I just need to know, if there is anyway if that sort of stream is supported by the Roku - and if yes, how is it done 🙂

Sorry that I have so many questions, but I am just getting into the topic of streams in general and roku channel developing.
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Re: M3U8 stream not playing on Roku - help needed

tried your source with my ipad, doesn't works. I believe that the problem is on origin encoder..
if is not wrong the last code must finish with playlist.m3u8 and not kk
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Re: M3U8 stream not playing on Roku - help needed

That m3u8 file isn't in the correct format for HLS. It doesn't have any of the required #EXTxxx tags (or any tags, for that matter). It most likely plays fine on your PC, because it's being treated as a standard m3u playlist instead of an HLS m3u8 playlist. Take a look at the official HLS spec for more details: ... reaming-10
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