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Looking for a Cheat Sheet for UNIX command line

Okay, I have my own server in the cloud and I post videos for friends and extended family. I just created a channel using's web interface but quickly realized, adding videos, especially the amount of videos I will be adding, when done through the web interface provided by this site, will be daunting.

On the other hand, I have a feeling that, adding or deleting a file from my private Roku channel is nothing more than submitting an http or https request to a private URL, wit all the necessary information in it. And I am hoping that I can do this using wget or curl from the bash (or any other shell) command line on my Linux server.

I am hoping, in this many years of Roku's existence, I am not the first and only one who wishes to do such thing and again, hoping someone lend me a helping hand. Is there such a cheat sheet?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Looking for a Cheat Sheet for UNIX command line

Sorry I missed this and didn't reply earlier.

If using Instant TV Channel, there is an option to use MRSS (XML) files to specify some or all of the channel's content. Basically you provide Instant TV Channel with one or more URLs pointing to your MRSS files. Multiple MRSS formats are supported. Here is some additional information:

If not using Instant TV Channel, many channel designs, like the ones based on Roku's SDK examples, will use XML files to determine all of the content of the channel. I'm not sure if this is what you were asking, but what you usually need to do to change the content of a channel is to edit one of the channel's XML file on your Linux server, or wherever else you have the XML files hosted like Amazon S3 or CloudFront. You'll probably need to use more than wget or curl to do that.

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