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Reel Rookie

Local Roku Developers Event - Serbia

Hi to the whole Roku community,

I am writing this post with the intention to get any kind of information/tracking regarding an idea that I had for quite some time. I am an OTT expert with a number of years in developing different kinds of streaming apps. I own a company called Redcellapps.

We provide innovative software solutions to our clients. The range of services includes mobile and web application development, smart TV applications, and OTT development.

Roku has been our go-to platform for quite some time now, and with movement to Europe, we are getting more and more requests for that. With not having the manpower to fulfill all obligations, we are going to start an unofficial Roku Academy in our city to try and give our knowledge back and also to see if there are any more people who do the same as we are, furthermore to explore the possibilities to create communities like for WordPress to share the work of Roku 🙂

I already have done things like this in the past: by being a pioneer in the Meetup organization for WordPresss in my city: I would love to see something like that being a movement across our region. 

I would love to get in contact with somebody from the Roku Community, in order to explore such things, as possible guidelines that we should follow or just things to consider, as I want to be respectful and move according to Rokus values.

If this sounds interesting to you, please do not hesitate to contact me, would love to chat and talk.

Best regards,
Milan Djordjevic