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Binge Watcher

Live streaming only channels doomed?

The new dev site and deep linking requirements are going to kill "live streaming only" channels, aren't they?

The requirements document says live streaming only channels are exempt from those deep linking requirements but the toolset does not account for that in any way. The static analysis, dynamic analysis, and dev web site all fail if you don't include deep linking.

        >>> Is anyone able to get around this somehow?

Also has anyone tried to upload the deep linking example project from Roku as a beta channel? It fails checks. Not helpful.




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Roku Guru

Re: Live streaming only channels doomed?

Just integrate linking and make it bring up a very short test video, to pass cert.

If you want to know how to handle deep linking, it's just arguments passed like on a Linux command line.  You extract those at start, set a Deep Linked flag, then after your channel is idle and waiting on a user to click something on their remote. Check the Deep Link flag and if it's set treat it like a click to that ContentID has been made.  Never do a blind deep link to video items regardless of what Roku says.  That's like giving the world free access to anything they can find once they figure out your ContentID naming system or get a copy of the very questionable Deep Link testing list which you're supposed to provide.  I only provide 1 valid video ContentID and this passes cert every time.


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