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Level 7

Live hls stream pixelation

I have a live hls stream coming from Akamai. When the stream starts, it begins with the lowest rendition. About 3-5 seconds into the stream when it tries to change to a higher rendition, there is a major pixelation (as large as 1" x 1" squares sometimes) for a couple of seconds and then the higher quality rendition kicks in.

I have the following properties set for the stream...

StreamFormat = "hls"
StreamBitrates = [0]
StreamQualities = ["HD"]
ContentQuality = "HD"
isHD = true
SwitchingStrategy = "full-adaptation"

Does anyone have an idea as to what could be causing the pixelation?

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Level 9

Re: Live hls stream pixelation

Sounds like the segments are not starting with a key frame.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Live hls stream pixelation

This is a common issue with Akamai - keyframe and SPS/PPS need to be at beginning of segment, and make sure that they are using HTTP 1.1, and all bitrate variants need to be aligned. Pretty much every channel that uses Akamai has these issues initially.

Make sure you update your Universal HLS configuration to Akamai's current production configuration.

- Joel
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