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Live channel disappeared this morning

I have 2 channels, both with 95% same livefeeds code, just different urls for content. One works fine, the other stopped working sometime today. And the live thumbnail disappeared too.  The thumbnail is on my server and is reachable when you load it. And the HLS files are there. But nothing to choose to launch it on Roku anymore?

Anyone see anything wrong with this code?



  "liveFeeds": [
      "id": "d34a08d8071c454b998748c0e5137af4",
      "title": "DYOR Live! - Live Programming",
      "content": {
        "dateAdded": "2022-10-14T02:18:46+00:00",
        "videos": [
            "url": "",
            "quality": "FHD",
            "videoType": "HLS"
        "duration": 1800,
	"validityPeriodStart": "2022-10-14T23:00:00+00:00",
        "validityPeriodEnd": "2022-11-29T12:26:21+00:00"
      "thumbnail": "",
      "brandedThumbnail": "",
      "shortDescription": "DYOR Media Live Shows",
      "longDescription": "The DYOR Media LIVE channel is the place to be for all of Crypto's events produced by the DMN Group.",
      "tags": [
      "rating": {
        "rating": "G",
        "ratingSource": "MPAA"
      "genres": [




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