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List of Third-party Roku Channel Developers for hire

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We've received a number of requests from people for a listing of third-party developers that are available for hire to do Roku Channel Development.  See a list below for some companies that have done Roku development in the past.  They are presented in no particular order and without any specific recommendation.  

If you are a developer or represent a development house and would like to be listed here, please send a request via this form:
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Re: List of Third-party Roku Channel Developers for hire

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Please see the Third-Party Developers doc for a list of 3rd-party development partners who have successfully launched Roku channels. 

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Re: List of Third-party Roku Channel Developers for hire

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Float Left Interactive
Since 2009, Float Left has been working with some of the world’s most iconic and influential media brands.  Float Left has developed over 250 Channels on the Roku platform, including: Crackle, AMC, Nickelodeon, MTV, VHI, and Red Bull.  

Tom Schaeffer - [][/email:b2nzmtrx]

Instant TV Channel - Cloud-Based Channel Production System

Instant TV Channel is a cloud-based tool that eliminates the the low-level and time-consuming details of Brightscript programming, shortening channel development time, reducing cost, and easing maintenance after the channel is in production. WYSIWYG theme and content editors make channel creation a breeze. Most changes can be made without repackaging and uploading the channel, shortening the turnaround time between design iterations. As soon as a change is made to a channel in an Instant Roku Channel editor, it appears on all Roku players that have the channel installed. Instant Roku Channel significantly reduces the time it takes to go from an initial concept to a public channel in the Roku Channel Store.

Instant Roku Channel supports on-demand video and live streams from Amazon, Brightcove, ScaleEngine, Vimeo, and other CDNs.

Custom channel development services are also available.

  Scott Musser

Re: List of Third-party Roku Channel Developers for hire

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We are a UK based development agency with a specialty in video streaming applications. We develop for Android TV, PlayStation WebMAF, Smart TV’s (web based), and Roku. We have helped companies such as Sony and MUBI, and recently developed MUBI’s Roku channel utilizing the SceneGraph framework. 

Ryan Kelly
is a CDN and OVP for live, 24/7 and on-demand delivery, specialising in multi-platform delivery. Lightcast's easy-to-use Control Center allows Roku publishers to upload, transcode and manage their media archives, live-streams and 24/7 streams. With Lightcast's advertising, payment and subscriber management integration, publishers have a variety of options to monetize their viewership.

Lightcast's Digital Media Distribution Technology make your uploads and streams instantly available for publication on Roku, iTunes, on other SmartTV outlets and for easy integration on your websites, mobile sites and social sites - fully device-responsive and bitrate-adaptive.

Lightcast offers grants for fully sponsored custom Roku Channels and media hosting discounts to non-profits, churches and small-business.

Re: List of Third-party Roku Channel Developers for hire

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Founded in 2000, NeuLion, Inc. offers the true end-to-end TV Everywhere solution for delivering live and on-demand content to any Internet-enabled device. NeuLion empowers content owners and distributors, cable operators and telecommunications companies to capitalize on the massive consumer demand for viewing video content on PCs, smartphones, tablets and other devices. NeuLion's customers include major entertainment, sports, global content companies and news companies.
John Moran
Sales Director
NeuLion Inc.
C 203-450-8084

Re: List of Third-party Roku Channel Developers for hire

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Manyscreen offers a complete solution for delivering and monetizing video on Roku and other devices. Services include Channel creation and customization; video hosting and encoding; stats and analytics; advertising capabilities and more. Contact us for information on our low cost "one-click" Roku publishing solution.

Headquartered in Dublin, Axonista is an award-winning provider of second screen, OTT and metadata management services across a variety of platforms for international broadcasters including ESPN, MTV Networks, Setanta Sports and TV3.

Claire McHugh
+353 1 478 9628

Tulix Systems is a premier global video delivery company and Roku channel developer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. A leading provider of CDN, OTT, IPTV and application development services we have been at the forefront of providing live and on-demand video services for over 18 years. Our wholly owned CDN was designed from the ground up for the express purpose of delivering quality video traffic across the globe. With customers on every continent, except Antarctica, we manage traffic to hundreds of thousands of viewers on a daily basis, helping them reach a broader audience with our peerless multi-platform capabilities to all devices. Whether you are a broadcaster, OTT provider, faith based group or just have content to share with the world we have a solution that can scale across your requirements. Our Roku platforms are custom tailored to fit your needs, including CMS and CRM integration, and we proudly stand behind everything that we do! If you are interested in finding out more about our cost-effective, efficient, high-quality services, please contact us and we will be happy to set up a demo account to show you our capabilities.

George Khvitia -
Skype: Gio237
(404) 584-5035 ext. 2042

Re: List of Third-party Roku Channel Developers for hire

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Mediafly is a leading-edge commercial media delivery platform with deep Roku expertise.  Companies today need to communicate their internal and external messages to a distributed audience across multiple devices. Mediafly specializes in the delivery of high quality video through an award-winning application method tailored for Roku digital video players plus smartphones and tablets. Mediafly’s holistic platform provides actionable metrics on video consumption across devices, enabling companies to make intelligent, data-driven decisions on how to best leverage video as a primary means for communication and marketing.
Keith Waxelman -

IMAVEX is the premier ROKU channel developer in the United States. It has built channels for the United States House of Representatives - Oversight Committee, the United States Hockey League, Life & Health Network and others. IMAVEX features the ability to stream both Live and On-demand content through its easy to use online video platform, STREAMOTOR, making it easier to manage all ROKU channel content from one location. All content is delivered through one of the largest and most prominent content delivery networks in the world, Limelight Networks (nasdaq: LLNW).

Jerry Caloroso -
(888) 693-6601

EZTakes' “sweet spot “is to utilize our existing, and proven, back-end content delivery infrastructure to create customized, private-branded Roku channels for media companies. As an option, we can also provide the ongoing services to manage, upgrade and support the implementations we create, allowing our customers to achieve an industrial-strength Roku presence in the shortest period of time and at the lowest possible cost.

Our back-end is a comprehensive platform for monetizing long-form video on the Internet. It includes publishing work flow, content management, geo-filtering, pricing (for rentals and sales), security, server management, billing, customer service, revenue share accounting, reporting and more.

As a company, we have tremendous expertise in online video system implementation, including software development, Web site design, scalability issues, user testing and content encoding. Our areas of technical expertise include the Java programming language, MySQL database, Linux, Apache and Tomcat. We also have significant expertise using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), having already developed and deployed about 100 apps on the Google Market.
Jim Flynn –
(413) 585-8511

Re: List of Third-party Roku Channel Developers for hire

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A Different Engine
A Different Engine is a San Francisco based interactive services agency focused on development for emerging platforms. We focus on extending your brand's reach to new platforms from TV to mobile devices. We've helped companies like the UFC, CBS, Comcast, Brightcove, and Cisco experiment with new platforms guiding them from strategy to execution.

Mike Ryan -

offers rapid development and full turnkey hosting for over-the-top video services.  In days your content, using Solve's prepared and flexible software can be available to over 90 million homes and mobile devices.  Solve supports nearly all major "NewTV" devices such as Roku, Popbox, iPhone, iPad, Popcorn Hour, and Boxee as well as upcoming devices.  "Channels" are fully branded for your company.  

All services are included in the base monthly package:
* Set-top and mobile software creation
* Analytics
* Encoding
* Billing
* First tier support
* Bandwidth/CDN
* Delivery
* Proven consultation advice
* Delivery to Roku, Popbox, iPhone, iPad, Popcorn Hour, and Boxee as well as upcoming devices.

As software-as-a-service with low monthly fees, there no set-up costs and no capital expenditures required.  Why choose a single set-top box for launch when you can have your content on all of them. Solve offers proven experience in one simple package

Michael Osten -

UpperRoom Technologies
UpperRoom Technologies is a full-service web application development, design and digital media production firm based in San Antonio, TX.  URT got its start developing for faith-based and not-for-profit organizations and continues to focus in these areas with customers around the world.  UpperRoom offers prepackaged Roku channel implementation as well as custom Roku channel development.

Jeremy Karney

John Gildred -

Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc.

As an award-winning Web firm and Roku Channel Developer, Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. can provide strategy, architecture, design and development of a Roku Channel that integrates your company’s content, audio, video, eCommerce and more. Having worked with businesses as well as building a Roku channel for America’s most-watched faith channel, Trinet’s developers know what it takes to build and launch a successful channel to bring your content to the TVs of Roku customers.

To implement a Roku integration strategy that will connect your brand with the thousands of current Roku Box owners, contact the experts at Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. today!

Melissa Wong –
(949) 442-8900
Binge Watcher

Re: List of Third-party Roku Channel Developers for hire

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Mac Millan Interactive Communications
Mac Millan Interactive Communications provides software programming, website development and marketing services to businesses, hospitals, universities, non profits and healthcare organizations. Proficient in programming web software applications, live and on demand streaming Roku channels, mobile applications in iOS and Android, and website development.

Rick Mac Millan

Future Today
Future Today is a multi platform distribution company. We help video producers, both big and small, to distribute and monetize their content on Roku. Whether you are a single-person Youtube channel or a multi-million dollar media company, Future Today can help you expand your brand, reach new audience, and earn incremental revenue. We leverage our technical, editorial, and marketing expertise to make the development, launch, discovery and maintenance of your channel both easy and effortless. We can design, develop and submit your channel for approval in as little as a week. Contact us to discuss your Roku development needs.
Vikrant Mathur, Co-Founder

JIGG is a hyper focused, boutique agency working with companies to further their streaming platform goals. We love Roku and all things streaming media.
Large broadcast networks and independent content creators alike earn 4+ star App Store ratings using AWE as their TV Everywhere platform. With a user-focused, elegant UI and UX, it’s easy to see why. Our TV Everywhere solution brings viewers their favorite content on their preferred devices on the couch or away from home. Since we’ve included native app development in the AWE framework, users have a reliable multi-platform viewing experience with device-optimized features.
Binge Watcher

Re: List of Third-party Roku Channel Developers for hire

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Visen TechnoSoft
VISEN TechnoSoft is a premier ROKU channel developer based in India . 
We Develop customized Roku Apps as per the Client’s need with Latest ROKU SDK & Scene Graph
We have built customized Channel for Disney Channel , Disney Junior and Disney XD for SEA region
We have good experience in manging channel content from one or more location. Also we have experience with content delivered through one of the largest and most prominent content delivery networks in the world, Limelight Networks (nasdaq: LLNW). 
App Developed with latest ROKU SDK & Scene Graph
Supports Roku TV (SD, HD and FHD resolutions)
Supports updated Omniture/ADBMobile tracking 
Supports content in front of the TV authentication gate
Supports collections and Live Streaming
Supports continuous VOD playback
Supports short form video
Supports all media types for deeplinking of content from global search
Supports Show Specific banners and details
Supports Lock icon over the authenticated content if user was not authenticated. Lock hidden once the user is authenticated.
Supports region restrictions
Web development for  Internal Web activation and Service Provider subscription page.
Supports any CMS or can build customized CMS based on the requirement
Senthil – [][/email:1qfim6zt]
+91 9176688220 (India)
201-683-0289 (US)http' target='_blank'>
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Re: List of Third-party Roku Channel Developers for hire

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George James Edward Cook: Talented high-quality Roku freelancer available for new and existing projects. 

- Highly professional with 2 decades of consulting experience
- Worked end-to-end on multi-million install channels with clients including Smithsonian Channel, Olympic Channel, and Brightcove
- Passionate and active community member, founder of Roku Developer slack group, and author of several open source Roku projects, including Rooibos Unit Testing Framework
- TDD work ethic, brings top-notch Software Development Principles, Patterns and Processes
- Specializes in saving failing code-bases - a refactoring master, who can take your failing codebase and get it back on track with great patterns and maintainable and testable code
- Expert in UI/UX patterns and paradigms in Roku SceneGraph and app optimization
- Experience with all the major integrations for payment, analytics, etc
- Extremely professional and can communicate with all stakeholders and roles
- Can work with all Software Development Processes
- Hits the ground running and with minimum ramp-up time
- Knows how to deliver and get things done on time and to budget

I'd love to work with you. If you need a high caliber freelancer, please reach out to me at:


More info at: