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Re: Legality of various content?

Thanks to Joel for giving a reasonable answer to my question. As for some of the rest of you, I'm not sure what you misunderstood when you read my original posts, or what kind of shit you think I'm trying to pull, but there were a few insults thrown around, and to the thrower, I say "you can go fuck yourself". What I HAVE DONE is create a private channel that at the moment has exactly three films on it - all of which are one-hundred-percent in the public domain, and therefor completely and totally legal to play on ANY channel I please.

I was simply asking what one would need to do in order to possibly stream some more recent films, and for some reason, people took that as an indication that I want to pirate movies. I said quite clearly in my second post that I wasn't looking to get any content for free - just for a reasonable price. The reason I bring this up, although many of you seem to believe that procuring content without shelling out thousands upon thousands of dollars is like finding and fucking a unicorn (impossible) is because I have SEEN with my own two eyes, MULTIPLE channels over the last three-plus years which have pretty impressive content, but are free (or require a one-time fee, or a tiny monthly subscription fee of, say $1.99) and in many cases, look like a ten-year-old put them together - at least in terms of graphic design...

As for the ads issue, someone asked me if I would give away content that I had created for free. I said even if you don't charge anyone who views your channel a subscription fee, you can still bring in some revenue through ads. I did not mean AT ALL that I want to have ads on a channel, or that I'm looking to "get rich" by hosting a Roku channel. I've stated on multiple occasions that I am not interested in having a pay-to-subscribe channel, but a completely free-to-view channel, also being ad-free. The only reason ads were brought up in the first place was in answer to a hypothetical question that is null-and-void, because I am not a content creator.

There seems to be a lot of oddly negative, even aggressive attitude toward the horror genre, by the way, which is something I don't get at all. I love horror films. Not all of them - a lot of them are garbage. There are a lot more, however, which are amazing pieces of film making, but I'm not here to argue taste in movies.

As for the idea of side-loading a channel... I hadn't gotten into that at all, and in all honesty have no idea how that works, unless it has something to do with using a USB drive - any actual help, rather than ridicule or insulting asshattery would be very appreciated, in regard to the practice of side-loading channels, and an explanation as to how it differs from creating a private channel.

There was one more issue (actually, there are probably quite a few, but I'm so taken aback at some of these hostile answers I've received, that I can't remember fully what was said in its entirety - I may have to get back to you on the rest, if I find I've failed to respond to something here) which I'd like to address: The comment that was made about "no one believing" that I'd like to have a private channel to host content that only I would watch...

First of all, let me say that having such a channel is not now, and has never been my intention. I was strictly asking about the legalities of it, compared with attempting to make a channel public, because the idea occurred to me during the discussion we had last night. As for whether you believe me or not, that point is irrelevant, because I had no intention of creating such a channel for any purpose - whether for my own personal use, or for thirty party guests in my home - I was just trying to grasp the nuances of legality in connection with various types of Roku channels, etc. because as I've stated before, I'm NEW to developing, and have no idea what the hell I'm doing. I've never claimed, even once, to know what I'm doing, and came here asking for help, advice, and basic information - even if it's anecdotal in nature. I'll also say once again that I'm not trying to make money off of a Roku channel, because I think that some members of this fine forum may have a reading comprehension deficiency.

Lastly, I'm also (being new to this) unaware of the intricacies (if there are any) of the Plex server and/or Plex pass, and would welcome information on both - although I will look into it on my own in the meantime. I do know how to use a search engine, I just thought some of you may have actual real-world experience in the field that would be better than reading a basic description online somewhere.

Anyway - some of you were helpful, some of you were inexplicably rude - but I guess that's the nature of the internet. Thanks for your help to those of you who decided to act like rational adults, and provide a stranger with helpful information and feedback.

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