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Launching Netflix and/or Hulu from channel: possible?


I have a hypothetical question,
I wanted to build my own channel with personal Netflix and Hulu favourites.Is it possible (from my own channel) to launch either the Netflix or Hulu Plus channels directly to play a certain video or at least directly in the movie details page ?

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Re: Launching Netflix and/or Hulu from channel: possible?

It is possible - but you have to know the magic:

req = createObject("roUrlTransfer")
req.setUrl("http://localhost:8060/launch/12?" + magicParams) '12 = Netflix
res = req.postFromString("")

'if we make it to this line, call did not work
? "failure to launch", res

I don't know what the "magic" params are but I think the major channels already support this "deep linking" feature.
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