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Level 7

Lagging browsing at roPosterScreen

I have categories that i shown with roListScreen.When click the category, it goes to movies list screen with roPosterScreen:
screen = CreateObject("roPosterScreen")

Some categories can browse smooth, but i found some others are not smooth (browsing by press right or left button on remote control).
I tried to remove the images (empty the HDPosterUrl and SDPosterUrl), it works smooth.
So then i thought it is image size issue, but after i check the lagging ones have small sizes, much smaller compared to the other categories that scrolled smoothly.
I checked the log, the lagging is not on remote control issue, when press button it prints the log fast.
Any idea about this?

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Level 8

Re: Lagging browsing at roPosterScreen

Just a guess but smaller images would need to be scaled. Scaling is expensive. try not using the setdisplaymode and see what happens
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