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Level 7

LabelList OK remote event binding lost

I have a LabelList that works fine. When I select an item my master component replaces the LabelList Group component with a different Group component. When the user presses Back the master component creates another LabelList Group component instance and replaces the previous page. The up and down events work with the LabelList but OK doesn't do anything.

Any ideas?
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Level 11

Re: LabelList OK remote event binding lost

How are you observing the "OK" click?  You probably need to re-instantiate your observer on the newly generated list component.
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Level 7

Re: LabelList OK remote event binding lost

I am not directly observing "OK", but rather listening for a field change.

m.setList = QuizletSetList.findNode("LabelListID")
m.setList.observeField("itemSelected", "openSet")

Thanks for the help. You made me realize I was not in fact re-observing the field with the newly generated list component like you mentioned. 
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