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Reel Rookie

LEFT/RIGHT key in "onKeyEvent" is not getting fired on RowList

In Rowlist when rowFocusAnimationStyle = "fixedFocusWrap" and vertFocusAnimationStyle = "fixedFocusWrap", the LEFT/RIGHT key is not getting fired though other keys are fired. 

How can I detect the LEFT/RIGHT keys in onKeyEvent when the focus is on the 0th position of the row/column so that I can move the focus out from the Rowlist.

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Roku Guru

Re: LEFT/RIGHT key in "onKeyEvent" is not getting fired on RowList

The entire reason you use FixedFocusWrap is when you allow the user to remain inside the rowlist when using left/right and rewind/fast-forward. This is expected behavior.

FixedFocusWrap will swallow the left/right keypresses. To see them use FixedFocus instead.


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