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Re: Just an observation...

"BCVatOVG" wrote:
Not to move away from the Roku Forums, but for this developer forum, I think it would make more sense and get better traction as well as make developers more likely to ask and answer better questions if we could set up a Stack Exchange type Roku Developer site.

Not really. There is not enough traffic for that. I have been keeping eye (and answering) for [Roku] tagged questions on StackOverflow for couple of years - and there is very low traction there. I already mentioned above. A natural progression would be to get a solid torrent of [Roku] questions on SO before contemplating split from SO. And even then, probably not - if there are no separate S/X for Java or iOS or Android development, neither does Roku dev merit one.

But: do i like StackOverflow format better than phpBB? Sure i do!
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