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Is this possible to fix these issues in roku?

Im working on a roku app using scene graph component. I am facing many issues like...

During video buffering i want to pause video. Im using this code but not working

video.control = "pause"

During video buffering a blank screen is displaying. I want to show last video image instead of blank screen.

I want to show dialog box to check internet connection on splash screen.

Is this possible to use BrightScript component like "roImageCanvas" or "roListScreen" in scene graph component?

Since Im working first time on brightscript so i don't know does roku supports this type of job or not.

Please suggest any ideas to fix the above issues.

Thank you :roll:
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Roku Guru

Re: Is this possible to fix these issues in roku?

For posterity, the same at

Should be sufficient leaving connectivity check to pre-launch requirement, see viewtopic.php?f=34&t=95912
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