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Roku Guru

Re: Is there way to copy an object instead of creating a reference?

"destruk" wrote:
I am just saying with all these ways to do it, since the roku has say, 50mb or 70mb of ram available for the channel to use, and the channel package size is limited to 4mb or it won't pass certification, there should be an allowance made to duplicate your 10MB or so of json/xml data and graphics individually per screen  -- you ought to be able to handle 3-4 full copies of everything the channel could need, with cached graphics even

You are missing the big picture, in which all this memory is already spoken for - video buffers, tmp:/ filesystem (you did not think it writes to flash, right) and so on. And if you have "10MB or so of json/xml data" to deal on the player, i'll go on a limb here and say "you are doing it wrong". Not to mention there is no justification for duplicating the metadata - it is still the same video, with the same properties as before.

As it is now I feel like we have an entirely full swimming pool, but we're only allowed to put a single toe into it, and then each drop of water needs to be portioned out as a single drop to look at.  We're not utilizing the actual capabilities of the device.

It is more like we have olympic-size swimming pool and you are annoyed for not being welcome of bathing in it. To which i say, "use the shower cabin or bathtub (depending on the player model :D) - the pool is reserved for swimming, no soap suds please"
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Roku Guru

Re: Is there way to copy an object instead of creating a reference?

his fix worked for me - thank you very much 🙂 

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