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Is SDK Necessary/Is there a Tutorial/HowTo add private chnl?

Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm new to Roku & can't seem to find any "4 dummies" version of what must be a really common function request.

I don't want to create a public channel -- I just want to watch the videos stored on my office computer on my home TV. I'd heard this was possible with media streaming software, so I got a trial of mediahome (Nero), exposed it to the internet on a local machine/static ip, etc. Now I just need to figure out how to get Roku and the server to hook up.

I've looked at creating a channel, but I'm wondering if it's really necessary to learn the SDK and program something for this simple functionality. I've seen hints that there's some "off the shelf" solutions for this type of thing on this board, but everything I've found seems as though I'm joining the conversation in the middle.

I'm probably unintentionally asking a real noob question that's been A/A a hundred times, but is anyone aware of a step-by-step tutorial, off-the-shelf code, or any specific resources to start from "open your Roku box" and end with "watch the videos you have stored on your remote machine?" Or do I really have to learn a whole darned SDK just to get Aunt Bessi's wedding video to stream from my office computer to my home TV?

Thanks so much for your time and in advance for any information you can provide. I apologize for asking this but I just can't seem to find anything definiitive in my board searches.
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Re: Is SDK Necessary/Is there a Tutorial/HowTo add private c

Check out this thread:


Great info in there from kbenson and a lot of starting resources.
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