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Is Array Reverse() always <UNINITIALIZED>?

I'm passing an ISO 8601 formatted date string to a Function, and then manipulating it. 

I can `Split()` it, and the split creates an Array, and I can use bracket notion on it as expected.

But my attempts to `Reverse()` the Array only manage in my getting an `<UNINITIALIZED>` response.

Function getDate(timestamp as String) as Object
  datestamp = timestamp.Split("T")[0]
  dateArray = datestamp.Split("-")
  yarrAetad = dateArray.Reverse()

  ? timestamp
  ? Type(timestamp)
  ? dateArray
  ? Type(dateArray)
  ? yarrAetad

  ' return dateArray
  return true
end Function

and the Console logs:

<Component: roArray> =

I can work around the issue, obviously, but I wondered if there was something I needed to do programmatically to get the correct response from my code?
Craig Sharkie
Connected TV Lead, Engineering – EDS & OD
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Re: Is Array Reverse() always <UNINITIALIZED>?

You're not using Reverse() correctly.  Reverse() returns Void, so you're setting yarrAetad to nothing.  Reverse() acts on the array itself, so if you want to keep the original and the reversed array, you'll have to copy the array entry by entry to a new array and then Reverse() the new array.  If you're not interested in the original, just do this:
dateArray = datestamp.Split("-")

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Re: Is Array Reverse() always <UNINITIALIZED>?

If I had an up-vote, you'd get it JT.

Craig Sharkie
Connected TV Lead, Engineering – EDS & OD
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