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Roku Guru

Interesting channels with unique UIs

Hello all:

First off, the forum has ben invaluable. I currently have 9 different tabs open with snippets of info as I complete my first channel.

While developing my UI, I've stumbled across several channels that look drastically different from most. Comedy Central, GoPro, and PBS are the first that come to mind, with very large images, and a much more web 2.0 like appearance, as opposed to the most traditional smaller poster or grid layout. Granted, the usability is very similar, but the appearance is strikingly different.

I'm wondering if these mods are accessible to the average developer, or, if many of the abilities for this appearance are shielded from traditional SDK usage? If these mods are exposed through the general SDK, any links or pointers on how to move from the more traditional templates would be appreciated.


EDIT: Added GoPro, cleaned up grammar.
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Roku Guru

Re: Interesting channels with unique UIs

With roScreen you can build "anything you want", it seems likely to me that those channels used that. The new Scene Graph stuff is supposed to be more flexible, but I haven't tried it (I'm making a game, not a videos channel)
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