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I'm using InstantTVChannel for development. Is anyone else using this? If so, are you having trouble getting new channels published? Their review team makes no sense when they send out the problems with the channel.
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Roku Guru

Re: InstantTVChannel


Just wanted to check in to make sure we've resolved everything. Just to be clear, Instant TV Channel does not review your channels for approval, this is only done by Roku's certification team. I agree that sometimes the reasons given for rejecting a channel are confusing. Fortunately it usually only takes a minor change to a rejected channel to get it approved. If you would like to contact me ( about any certification problems that have not yet been resolved I'm sure we can get everything taken care of!

Scott / - 717-441-4386 - Build a Roku SDK channel in 15 minutes! Easily and inexpensively generate subtitles!
Reel Rookie

Re: InstantTVChannel Instructions

It would be nice if someone released instructions, in plain English, not jargon and acronyms for creating a channel and meeting the criteria. Yes, I understand it's very technical but the people writing it are assuming the reader is at their level and many aren't. Please define the jargon and acronyms in the process of issuing instructions.

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Roku Guru

Re: InstantTVChannel Instructions

I'll be happy to help! I'm the person responsible for writing the tutorials and walk-throughs on the Instant TV Channel website. Can you give me some examples of jargon and acronyms that aren't clear or need to be defined? I always appreciate the opportunity to make the info on the website easier to work with. / - 717-441-4386 - Build a Roku SDK channel in 15 minutes! Easily and inexpensively generate subtitles!
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