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Level 8

Install Failure: No manifest. Invalid package.

I am experimenting with changing the sample files.
I am having good luck uploading them and seeing them on the Roku player.

Then I have opened the ZIP file,
modified some code in the .brs file
saved this
selected the entire folder again and rezipped it using the zip function on my Mac 10.7.5 system.

When I go to uploading this, the interface comes back with: Install Failure: No manifest. Invalid package.
On unzip verification, it IS there.

There is another posting on the forum that mentions this, and this that case, the manifest file was not at the folder root.
In my case, I realized that my manifest file was "manifest.txt" but removing the extension did not do the trick.

Whatami missing here?
I am sure to be embarrassed when someone points to the obvious!

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Level 10

Re: Install Failure: No manifest. Invalid package.

Sounds like you're zipping the folder for the channel, rather than the contents of the folder for the channel. The manifest and source directories need to be int he root of the zipfile, they can't be in a folder in the zip file.
Level 8

Re: Install Failure: No manifest. Invalid package.

Thank you Patrick. That works great.

For the sake of others running into the same thing
On the Mac OSX I am using, I am selecting all the content inside the channel folder.
Right click and select "compress <<>> items".
This creates a file called "".
Rename that to the channel name and it uploads and installs nicely.

Many thanks for the direction.