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In SD, OverhangPanelSetScene is all wonky

I am running into issues with my settings page for my screensaver, when attempting to display on a SD tv.

I am not doing anything custom, sizing, spacing, etc. I am unsure why it looks way off, it seems like the anchor points are incorrect.

List Panel on the left
List Panel on the right

Roku Version: 8.1.0 build 4131-06
Roku Model: 2700X - Roku LT

Only those two types of panels are next to each other.

Any suggestions?
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Re: In SD, my settings page (OverhangPanelSetScene) is all wonky

I uploaded the example OverhangPanelSetScene from Roku onto mine ( ... ceneMarkup) and I was given this, so it makes it seem like the default Roku behavior is incorrect.

This is only happening on a Roku with 4:3 dimensions.

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Re: In SD, OverhangPanelSetScene is all wonky

To add, all my panels are set to medium size, and I do not perform any custom modification to the layouts.

Since I can reproduce the bug with sample code from Roku’s site, I have a strong feeling it is due to a bug in those components in the Scenegraph/Brightscript.

I am following these defaults:

With some investigation (All Standard Definition):

  • Even if panel size is set, the width and height are not updated. When set to ‘medium’, panel width is still set to default 388 (where It needs to be 292).

  • Even if panel size is set, the leftposition is not updated. When set to ‘medium’, panel leftposition is still set to default 105 (where it needs to be 60).

  • In OverhangPanelSetScene, the PanelSet’s transition is set to [0, -125], where I had to set it to [0, 100] for it to move back down into the screen. 

  • Overhang is still set to its default 115
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