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Reel Rookie

Identifying 4k capability from User Agent

Given a user agent Roku string, is it possible to determine if the Roku device can play 4k content? For ex., given

Roku/DVP-9.10 (519.10E04111A)

Roku/DVP-9.10 (519.10E04111A)

From posts like I see that 9.10 is the firmware version, 4111 is the build, and 51 is the device type, although this is not public information. Given the firmware version, is it possible to tell whether this Roku device supports 4k? Since Roku devices older than version 4 do not support 4k, I want to filter out the older devices to not play 4k. I would like to parse the user agent string or create a regex to determine if the Roku device can play 4k.

For example, if the user agent string is something like Roku/DVP-5.0 (025.00E08043A)can I tell whether this device supports 4k? 

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Roku Guru

Re: Identifying 4k capability from User Agent

50 inch TCL 4k Roku TV ( 50S425 )

UserAgent: Roku/DVP-9.30 (309.30E04182A)


If enough of us provide you with some of these it might help.

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