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Idea for Affiliate Program for ROKU Channel Developers

Hello, my name is Andres.

I have an idea for a Developer’s Affiliate Program for ROKU’s partnered channel developers.  ROKU competitors (Amazon Firestick, Apple etc.) are not offering this for their developers as of yet.

This Developer’s Affiliate Program will offer a residual commission to anyone who joins the Developer’s Affiliate Program.  Here’s how it would works.  Someone joins the program to obtain subscribers for the ROKU’s partnered channel.  Let’s say as example, the ROKU partnered channel is called “Outer Space Science Fiction.”  This channel charges $2.99 per month.  The channel is willing to offer 10% monthly commission for every subscriber an affiliate obtains.  The channel can offer a higher commission to affiliates if the channel wishes.  The partnered channel all they have to do is sign in to their portal and change the commission rate for affiliates.

The Affiliate has to create a ROKU Affiliate Account with a user name.  The affiliate can also choose many ROKU partnered channels who is participating in this affiliate program.  Not all channels will participate.  The affiliate will receive a custom promotion URL link for example  <-- The URL will immediately direct the potential subscriber to the ROKU Channel store so they can subscribe to Outer Space Science Fiction channel.  John Doe who is the affiliate for the channel will get paid their 10% monthly commission.  I believe this is a win win win situation. A win for ROKU, a win for the partnered channel and a win for the affiliate.

What do you think about this affiliate program?  Do you think many ROKU partnered channels would participate in this program?  Do you think users are willing to become affiliates and make a little income?”

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