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Idea... Doable or too ambitious?

I have an idea for an app. Here's the wireframe for the screen that I'm concerned about:

The big image area to the left is a rotating image, probably roImageCanvas.
I'm not sure what to use for the scrollable list on the top right. Each of these would be an audio item to choose from.
Then, there are the transport controls and the progress slider.

Is this even doable with the Roku SDK as it is now? Is this extremely ambitious? What Elements might I need to use for the stuff on the right half?

Any help would be awesome.
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Re: Idea... Doable or too ambitious?

Totally doable, but it would all require a custom screen coded completely by you. There are no widgets to do stuff like this in BrightScript. If you need animation, roScreen is the route you need to take, but it's a lot more work and a much steeper learning curve. If you don't need animation, then it would be fairly easy to pull off with roImageCanvas.
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Re: Idea... Doable or too ambitious?

I don't mind getting into the nitty-gritty. I have a programming background and BrightScript's not too crazy (other than its syntax reminding me of VB, bleh.)

I'm going to try it with ImageCanvas first and see where I get from there. Do you have a suggestion on where to start with the scrollable list?
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