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Level 7

How to start task again?

I have a problem with task. I want to get data from the server. So I have a task:
sub init() = "executeTask"
vimeoClientID = "clientId"
    vimeoClientSecret = "clientSecret+"
    blob = CreateObject("roByteArray")
    blob.FromAsciiString(vimeoClientID + ":" + vimeoClientSecret)
    m.base64Vimeo = blob.ToBase64String()
end sub

function executeTask()    
    url =
    print("In execute task function")
    request = CreateObject("roURLTransfer")
    request.AddHeader("X-Roku-Reserved-Dev-Id", "")
    request.AddHeader("Authorization","basic " + m.base64Vimeo)
    request.SetURL(url) = request.getToString() = url
end function

In mainscene I create a task in main function
sub init()
    m.requestTask = CreateObject("roSGNode", "RequestTask")    [size=85][font=Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]   [/font][/size]
end sub

Also there is a function to start my task.
sub makeURLRequest(props)
m.requestTask.setField("url", props.url)
m.requestTask.control = "RUN"
m.requestTask.observeField("response", props.callback)
end sub

I get data (bunch of videos) from server like this:
sub getVimeoChannelVideosPage(page, callback)
print("Making request for page: " + page.toStr())
url: "" + + "/videos?page=" + page.toStr(),
callback: callback,
end sub

sub getVimeoChannelVideos(callback)
getVimeoChannelVideosPage(1, "onGetVimeoVideosPage")
end sub

And the problem happens in callback when I get first page with videos and  want to get another one page by restarting task. But code in executeTask function  never happens.
sub onGetVimeoVideosPage()
response = m.requestTask.response
json = parseJSON(response)

videos =
nextPage =

if (nextPage <> invalid) += 1
print("Current page " +
getVimeoChannelVideosPage(, "onGetVimeoVideosPage")
end if

end sub

I highly appreciate any help or advice. Also feel so sorry for my bad english.
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Level 8

Re: How to start task again?

I'd suggest that instead of storing a reference to the task, create a new one for each request.
With your current implementation, you could try adding a STOP but it may not work:
sub makeURLRequest(props)
 m.requestTask.control = "STOP"
 m.requestTask.setField("url", props.url)
 m.requestTask.control = "RUN"
 m.requestTask.observeField("response", props.callback)
end sub
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