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Level 7

How to set default category?

Hi, I used the VideoPlayer template and have everything working. We have 5 categories. For some reason, when it loads on the TV, it always defaults to focusing on category #4 of 5. I want it to focus on category #3 so it's in the center. Where do I find the code to change this?
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Level 10

Re: How to set default category?

It might not work, but you could try setfocusedlistitem() SetFocusToFilterBanner() or Setfocusedlist() before or after the show().

I have seen some issues with a gridscreen and these types of commands depending on what I do in the code with a gridscreen. There isn't much of a guarantee that a firmware update won't break what you set up here in the future - but for now you could rearrange your category feed so that the default highlighted option is 4th in your list so it has what you want to be there.
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