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How to parse the result from side-loading?

I was looking at my build scripts and was reminded by the remnants of my attempts to properly parse the result from uploading a bundle to a Roku. As a reminder, not much thinking about automatic that has been done, so after CURL POST-ing the zip (das ist gut!), one gets back a messy HTML (nicht sehr gut...). One stares at HTML for a while and says "oh i know, all the relevant parts are bracketed inside <font color="red"/>:

<font color="red">Application Received: 576220 bytes stored.
<font color="red">Install Success.</font>

Years ago i used grep to fetch that - and i lived happily ever after... until i upgraded my old OSX and discovered Apple have replaced grep with another version that does not support PCRE (no "grep -P"). But you see, i needed that extended mode because sometimes the <font> tags bracket on the same line but sometimes is multi-line. So a double-whammy (%#^@&*#@^& credit goes both to RokuCo and Apple).

Thus i had to look for a new way to do it - and here is what i use now - i still wince a little that i had to summon python to do such a trivial job:
curl -f -sS --user rokudev:nuisance --anyauth -F "mysubmit=Install" -F "" -F "passwd=" http://$ROKU_DEV_TARGET/plugin_install  \
| python -c 'import sys, re; print "\n".join(re.findall("<font color=\"red\">(.*?)</font>",, re.DOTALL))'
#| python -c 'import sys; print "\n".join(x.split("</font>")[0] for x in"<font color=\"red\">")[1:])'
#| awk '/<font color="red">(.*)<\/font>/ {print $1}'
#| sed -n '/<font color="red">/,/<\/font>/p'
#| sed '/<\/font>/,/<font color="red">/d'
#| sed '1,/<font color="red">/d;/<\/font>/,/<font color="red">/d;/<\/font>/,$d'
#| sed -n 's/<font color="red">\(.*\)<\/font>/\1/'
#| sed -e '/<font color="red">/,/<\/font>/!d'
#| sed -n '/<font color="red">/,/<\/font>/p'
#| sed -n '/<font color="red">/,/</font>/p'
#| sed 's/<\/font>//'
For public amusement, I left beneath commented out my previous tEtanic efforts to accomplish the job with SED or AWK. The twist - where sometimes the pattern is on one line and sometimes on multiple - turned out a major tripping point. Seriously though? I know there are people around that know sed/awk - no trivial way to do that, is there?

What do you guys use?
Also, wasn't there some file/folder where the result is available in plain text? I seem to vaguely remember there was a place one could http-peek at...
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Level 9

Re: How to parse the result from side-loading?

It sucks that you can't use PCRE in OXS. Instead, can you change the line endings to something else (a space, for example) to get the string in a single line, e.g. curl xxxx | tr '\n' ' ' | grep yyyy ?
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Level 10

Re: How to parse the result from side-loading?

My makefile uses the following... seems it ignores the end tag entirely...
curl --anyauth -u $(ROKU_DEV_USERNAME):$(ROKU_DEV_PASSWORD) -s -S -F "mysubmit=Install" -F "archive=@$(ZIPRELUNESCAPED)/$(PACKAGENAME).zip" -F "passwd=" http://$(ROKU_DEV_TARGET)/plugin_install | grep "<font color" | sed "s/<font color=\"red\">//"
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