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How to make a channel like Youtube?

Hi to all

I am working on a player which will play some recorded videos e those videos are received using HLS.

At this time, I am able to play them. I use a RowList to show the existing recorded videos.

When we click on one of them, we open the player and start playing it.

I have 2 questions:

1 - how can I make the player interface like the Youtube one (with the menu buttons and so)?

2 - Why the OnkeyEvent don't capture the "OK" key press (only the release of it)? I ask this because I want to show a <Rectangle> when I press the OK button, while playing the video. But the ok fires only on the release of the button.

Some of the code:


			id = "Video"
			translation = "[0,0]"
			width = "1920"
			height = "1080"
			loop = "false"
			visible = "false" >

					id = "videoOverlayMenu"
					translation = "[0, 0]"
					width = "1920"
					height = "1080"
					color = "0x000000BD"
					opacity = "1.0"
					visible = "false" >

						id = "overlayMenuLabel"
						width = "120"
						height = "40"
						vertAlign = "center"
						horizAlign = "center"
						numLines = "1"
						maxLines = "1"
						wrap = "false"
						text = "MENU"
						color = "0xFFFFFFC0"
						opacity = "1.0"
						translation = "[1800,780]"
						visible = "false" >



     m.videoOverlayMenu ="videoOverlayMenu")
     m.overlayMenuLabel ="overlayMenuLabel")
function OnkeyEvent(key as String, press as Boolean) as Boolean
    print "MainScene -> key: "; key
    print "MainScene -> key pressed: "; press
    result = false
    if press
        ' handle "back" key press
        if (key = "back") then
            numberOfScreens = m.screenStack.Count()
            ' close top screen if there are two or more screens in the screen stack
            if (numberOfScreens > 1) then
                result = true
            end if
        else if(key = "OK") then
            print "key OK pressed"
        end if
        if (key = "OK" AND m.videoPlayer.visible = true) then
            print "key = 'OK' AND m.videoPlayer.visible = true"
            m.videoPlayer.trickplaybar.visible = true

            if(m.videoOverlayMenu.visible = true) then
                m.videoOverlayMenu.visible = false
                m.overlayMenuLabel.visible = false
                m.videoOverlayMenu.visible = true
                m.overlayMenuLabel.visible = true
            end if
            result = true
        end if
    end if
    return result
end function


The OK key is never captured on the press event.


Anybody can help me?


Thanks to all


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