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Roku Guru

Re: How to keep the screen on when displaying photos?

Funny how as soon as someone becomes a Roku employee you never hear from them again.  Yes, @NB_ , I mean you!

who disturbs my slumber? Smiley LOL

Komag, i don't think a game needs to worry about that - interacting with a game involves pressing keys, which keep screensaver away. 

Regarding photo app - how does it sound the app implementing own screensaver? It will be called when app is running, after period of inactivity - instead of the system screensaver. It's a separate instance though, so the "main" app may have to communicate with the "screensaver" part via the registry they share or tmp:/ 

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Roku Guru

Re: How to keep the screen on when displaying photos?

My game has an "autoplay" feature where you can watch the game play itself, so system screensaver definitely is an issue that I'd love to solve.

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