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How to get Roku ad app id


I am developing a roku application which inclides pre roll and mid roll ads, so for that i have integrated roku ad framework, but the issue which i am facing is that i have to pass roku ad app id in the ad url as one of the parameter, i don't know how to generate roku ad app id, please if any one can help me out of this.
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Re: How to get Roku ad app id

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Re: How to get Roku ad app id

I'm pretty sure the Roku ad app id is the same thing as the app id you'd see when you query apps (http://<roku ip addr>:8060/query/apps). It's not clear what the OP is trying to do. There's more to monetizing your app than just implementing RAF.

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Re: How to get Roku ad app id

did you find how to get roku ad app id?

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