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How to extract data from Roku by using Web serviecs API


I'm looking for help, i'm trying to extraction of data (billing, etc.) by using my API key,  i read the doc but don't understand how to do a REST API and how to fill information at the endpoint Url

Any information will be useful

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Re: How to extract data from Roku by using Web serviecs API

I don't know what you are doing exactly. I pick one extraction of data 

'Make API call to get detailed metadata for each channel
'Here also use Foreach loop for multiple API call
        ch = "APILink" 'Here File Call From Server
        raw = rxfer.GetToString()        
        channelJSON = ParseJSON(raw)
        ' create a node for the channel and set its metadata fields
        channelNode = CreateObject("roSGNode", "ContentNode")
        channelNode.title = channelJSON.JSONField ' Here you write JSON Field name
        channelNode.hdposterurl = channelJSON.JSONField

Here the REST API Documentation.  Here the question of  JSON parsing using Brightscript for Roku app


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