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Level 7

How to dump the contents of a component?

Dear all,

While using the roku debug console, I can look inside variables but not objects:
BrightScript Debugger> var
global &h0020 rotINTERFACE:ifGlobal
m &h0010 bsc:roAssociativeArray, refcnt=3
msg &h0010 bsc:roVideoPlayerEvent, refcnt=1
progress% &h0002 Integer val:100
index &h0000 <uninitialized> val:Uninitialized
url &h0000 <uninitialized> val:Uninitialized
xfer &h0000 <uninitialized> val:Uninitialized
object &h0000 <uninitialized> val:Uninitialized
rect &h0000 <uninitialized> val:Uninitialized

I can look inside the progress% var:
BrightScript Debugger> p progress%

And even get some information on an object:
BrightScript Debugger> p m
progress: 100
position: 9
background: pkg:/images/back-hd.jpg
player: <Component: roVideoPlayer>
paused: false
canvas: <Component: roImageCanvas>
port: <Component: roMessagePort>
fonts: <Component: roFontRegistry>
layout: <Component: roAssociativeArray>
paint: <bsTypedValue: Function>
setup: <bsTypedValue: Function>
help: Press the right or left arrow buttons on the remote control to seek forward or back through the video at approximately one minute intervals. Press down to toggle fullscreen.
headerfont: lmroman10 caps,50,-1,5,2,0,0,0,0,0
eventloop: <bsTypedValue: Function>
textcolor: #406000

But when I try to look inside a component, it doesn't show me the data inside of it:
BrightScript Debugger> p m.player
<Component: roVideoPlayer>
BrightScript Debugger>

Is there anyway to do it? It would be VERY helpful to be able to see a component's attributes.

Thank you,
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Level 7

Re: How to dump the contents of a component?

Thoughts, anyone? Smiley Surprised)
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Level 8

Re: How to dump the contents of a component?

I don't believe there is any way to dump the contents of a component.
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Level 7

Re: How to dump the contents of a component?

Thanks belltown.
That would be really useful to do but...oh well Smiley Surprised\.
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