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How to add yume?

Attempted to add yume to openrokn. Anyone able to get it working? Looking for help on how to add yume or another ad network to work with it for pre-rolls. Can't submit my newest channel until I can get preroll ad network working on it. I have placed in the source folder


Next I have

vast = NWM_VAST() video.preroll = vast.GetPrerollFromURL (http.......)

I know it would normally go into a file named main.brs. The openrokn does not have a file named main.brs but called openrokn.brs Where in the file would this above code be entered?

The xml feed is on my server side. Anything different required to get this going?

Any tips or help would be great on implementing prerolls. And bug thank you to the developer of openrokn. Must have taken a lot of hours to prepare it.
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