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Level 9

How to add security to the RSG channel

Hello, I'm using the RSC channel here :
And I was wondering if there is a way to add a Prompt when loading the channel that asks the user for their email and password which then gets verified on my server?
I would like to add security to the channel so that the channel will only work with the username and password I provided to them for which I can revoke on my server at anytime.
I will also need someone with Windows experience to advice me on what program I can use on the server which will handle the verification process. Thank you
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Level 11

Re: How to add security to the RSG channel

there used to be a "device registration and linking" example, that would be better than making them log in every time, and you can still add a check to validate their account (user and pass) each time the channel is launched or content is requested.
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Level 9

Re: How to add security to the RSG channel

Hi Joe, yes what you have described is what I am looking for. Are you able to help me configure this please? I do not mind paying for the help to modify the channel to suit my request. Thank you

I think the answer is in this thread by Joel : ... 79#p321080 but I'm not that good with coding so would need it simplified.
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