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How to Customize the UI of a Direct Publisher LIKE Channel

I've created a Roku Direct Publisher channel, but the UI is clunky and so plain looking. All DP channels look the same for the most part. I've watched all of the "How to build a custom Roku Channel from scratch", I've googled relentlessly, I've search in the forums, I've contacted "Partner Success" (which took DAYS to respond and were of no help at all).....

What does it take to get the Direct Publisher channel layout and brightscript in a downloadable zip so that we can "convert our DP channel to SDK" (yes I've read the FAQ in the blog about it a hundred times) AND be able to go inside the XML and Brightscript files and make changes. Or does Roku not want to give that up for some reason? They really need to have more WORKING themes available for Direct Publisher. They stopped supporting Hero Grid, so 100% of Direct Publisher channels will now look the same.......LAME and not a good way for channels to differentiate themselves. 

The Roku "build a channel from scratch" video course is hard to follow and doesn't go into the correct detail that truly explains what's going on under the hood, however, I'm familiar with XML and Brightscript, but not advanced enough to create my own Brightscript functions. 

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