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How do I roll back firmware on my Roku device?

I'm fairly certain this firmware update broke things... *sigh* again. These updates keep introducing more and more bugs.

Anyway, I'm trying to test something that has been working in the past, is setup according to examples downloaded from, and is no longer working. It's possible something changed on my end, but I don't think so. The only thing that I can think of that changed was the firmware. I've run into firmware problems in the past where it was a confirmed bug in the release.

As a developer, how can I roll back my device so I can test?

Roku Guru

Re: How do I roll back firmware on my Roku device?

sorry to bear the bad news - you can't
Roku Guru

Re: How do I roll back firmware on my Roku device?

Sadly, as a developer (and I do like ROKU) I feel as if we do not matter to them. There are so many unanswered questions on the forums and, countless code examples that do not connect the dots and leave a person more confused. A simple example is... try to find a fully functional playlist code example that autoplays the next song. Not one is found anywhere but I see a lot of people asking about. 

That is such a simple request and yet it still goes unanswered for many. 
I think if any one thing that will cause Roku to fail, is the lack of care for developers. Forget users if you cant first, attract good developers. 
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