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How do I reinstall the Play on Roku channel?

Roku ECP /query/device-info <has-play-on-roku>false</has-play-on-roku>

I cannot cast media to my Roku via the Roku App. I could and then it just stopped.

When I curl http://${ROKU_IP}:8060/query/device-info it returns:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

What is the method for reinstalling Play on Roku?

Is the only solution to factory reset? (I have not tried that yet, but I assume that would do it.)

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Level 7

Re: How do I reinstall the Play on Roku channel?

I think I fixed it.

If anyone else stumbles upon this; I fixed it by running curl -d '' http://${ROKU_IP}:8060/launch/11?contentID=15985

15985 is the id of Play on Roku.

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