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How Would You Handle A Simple Live Stream

I've been using a JSON feed for a few channels and after a few tweaks here and publisher works fairly well.

What if you do not want to offer anything on demand? What if you only want to provide a live stream.

The idea is closer to a real television channel. For example, when somebody clicks on the logo of your channel they go directly to your live HLS feed.

I realize I could put a live feed in the json file...but that gives the user an extra step.

In that case they click on the logo it displays everything in the json file which I imagine would be another image to click on to get the live feed.

I want to make it a one step process click on the logo and get the live feed.

Is that possible and how would that be accomplished?

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Channel Surfer

Re: How Would You Handle A Simple Live Stream

That's what it seemed like as well. Thanks for the input.