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Level 7

How: Image Panel over Grid?

i was wondering how can i make something like the following grid structure

I know how to make the Grid under the image panel with roGridScreen, but i can`t find a solution how to place image on the top.
The image should also be clickable.

Thanks in advance!
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Level 7

Re: How: Image Panel over Grid?

Can you guys point me in the right direction?
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Level 8

Re: How: Image Panel over Grid?

If your grid is going to scroll then the 2D API would be your best bet. If not then imagecanvas will do. You can also wait if you can, for Scene Graph to be released. The built in grids are not designed with that kind of flexibility. If you want to see what the 2d can do you can check out my demo channel in my signature below
As a matter of fact the Joel Channel (not yet published) that I was recently working on is exactly the design that you want with a selectable Hero and one row grid on the bottom
My Channels: 2D API Framework Presentation:
Updated: 11-11-2015 - Completed Keyboard interface
The Joel Channel ( Final Beta )
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