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Hire a developer to finish ppv channel.

I need to hire a developer that can complete the ppv aspect of my channel. Have already posted on elance and freelancer, but I've been burned through freelancer before.

So if any of you guys have solid back-end and brightscript skills, I am trying to stay between $250-$750.

Generally, we need to incorporate the PPV functionality, which would involve:

* Setting up the back-end to log video rentals in appropriate database when rental is purchased through Roku
* Hook purchases to deposit into our paypal account (or through the plugin that currently handles payments on the site((and already updates database)))
* link membership account to roku and rental information
* Allow video rentals to last only 48 hours from time of purchase
* A membership page where user can access the videos they have rented (that are still available)
* We use Amazon S3 / Cloudfront to host videos securely. Must link Roku to videos using the Access keys.
* Play button should display "48 hour Rental $[price]" before purchase and "Play" after purchase. This button should also support "resume play" and update display as such if user stops video.

Woo! This is all out of my depth. I have everything running through our site, I've setup the XML files (minus the extra features we need), and the design is done.

If anyone is interested, feel free to post or email me at (If posting my email is against the forum rules, please let me know and I will edit the post.)
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