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Hide "Retrieving" Screen

Hi all,

I'm new to developing and am working on an intro level channel that will be playing a live stream. I've included a splash screen in the manifest file that shows up for approximately 3 seconds before the stream begins playing. In between the splash screen and the stream, I get the loading bar that is labelled "retrieving".

Is there any way to remove or hide the "retrieving" screen? I would imagine it's just a matter of keeping the splash screen up there while the stream is loading, but I have no idea on how to go about this.

Below is the basic code. Thanks in advance.

Sub RunUserInterface()
screenFacade = CreateObject("roPosterScreen")

port = CreateObject("roMessagePort")
videoScreen = CreateObject("roVideoScreen")

videoclip = {}
videoclip.StreamUrls = ["URL.m3u8"]
videoclip.StreamFormat = "hls"
videoclip.ContentType = "movie"
videoclip.title = "MOVIE"
videoclip.StreamBitrates = [0]
videoclip.playstart = 0
videoclip.StreamQualities = ["SD"]
videoclip.SwitchingStrategy = "full-adaptation"
nowpos = 0
while true
msg = wait(0, port)
if type(msg) = "roVideoScreenEvent"
if msg.isScreenClosed() then 'ScreenClosed event'
print "Closing video screen"
exit while
else if msg.isPlaybackPosition() then
nowpos = msg.GetIndex()
print nowpos
else if msg.isRequestFailed()
print "play failed: "; msg.GetMessage()
else if msg.isFullResult()
print "isFullResult"
else if msg.isPartialResult()
print "isPartialResult, nowpos = ";nowpos
else if msg.isStreamStarted()
print "isStreamStarted"
print "Unknown event: "; msg.GetType(); " msg: "; msg.GetMessage()
end if
print "Event: ";type(msg)
print msg.GetInfo()
end if
end while

print "Exiting app"
End Sub
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Level 10

Re: Hide "Retrieving" Screen

This sounds like exactly the same question that was asked here earlier today... viewtopic.php?f=34&t=88965
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Level 7

Re: Hide "Retrieving" Screen

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Level 9

Re: Hide "Retrieving" Screen

"dabulls312" wrote:

You can't do this with roVideoScreen. Use roVideoPlayer instead.

Here's a trivial example:

Sub Main ()
' Common port used by roImageCanvas and roVideoPlayer
port = CreateObject ("roMessagePort")

' Create roImageCanvas
ui = CreateObject ("roImageCanvas")
ui.SetMessagePort (port)
ui.SetLayer (0, {Color: "#00000000"})
ui.Show ()

' Create roVideoPlayer
vi = CreateObject ("roVideoPlayer")
vi.SetMessagePort (port)
vi.SetContentList ([
StreamFormat: "mp4",
Stream: {
Url: "",
Bitrate: 2000,
Quality: False,
StreamType: "mp4"
vi.Play ()

' Event loop
While True
msg = Wait (0, port)
' Event handling goes here ...
End While

End Sub

For more detail, see the Custom Video Player SDK example,
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Level 7

Re: Hide "Retrieving" Screen

it is very annoying for roku developer that he can't experiment too much in case of their is predifine TEXT for some component. i have suffered lot in case of some component also.
As per concern your query YOU CAN'T change or hide text for rovideoScreen.
For this there is roVideoplayer-> here you can custom change your player as you want.
and for placing your text or screen in case of retrieving you can use imagecanvas with it.
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