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Roku Guru

Help with this problem with EPGGrid

I'm using this guide

Hello everyone, I'm modifying and trying to implement Scene

The video is played in the same channel list and not apart from the screen

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 

<component name="customEPGGrid" extends="EPGGrid" >

<script type="text/brightscript" uri="pkg:/components/EpgGrid.brs"/>

        translation = "[1100, 70]"
        width = "760"
        height= "340"
   enableUI = "true"
        loop = "true"/>

id = "RowList">

   <ContentNode id="RunEpg" role="content"/>



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Roku Guru

Re: Help with this problem with EPGGrid

Now the problem is that it does not return to full screen after changing its location

When to hide EPG Grid in Large Screen

When EPG Grid shows

What I can be doing wrong

        else if key = "options"
            if m.EPGGrid.visible = true
  print "Hide"
               m.EPGGrid.visible = false
  m.EPGGrid.setfocus(false) = [0,0]
      = "1280" = "720"
  print "Shows"
  m.EPGGrid.visible = true
  m.EPGGrid.setfocus(true) = [1100, 70]
      = "760" = "340"
            end if
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Re: Help with this problem with EPGGrid

I also need help to create a EPG for my Roku Channel Using Json Feed or XML Feed.
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